The Powerful McLaren P1

McLaren P1 Price

The McLaren P1 has a list price of USD$1,350,000 and only 375 units have been produced. All of these units have been purchased and with the level of customisation that is available he average sell price is over USD$1.6 million.

McLaren P1 Celebrity Owners

McLaren P1 Celebrity Owners

If you are lucky enough to own a McLaren P1 you are in good company. Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, comedian and talk show host Jay Leno and baseball superstar C.J Wilson.

Black McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 is an incredible car, with its powerful engine and the addition of Formula 1 electric engine technology it is a worthy successor to the McLaren F1. If you have the USD$1.35 million and can find one to buy you will be lucky to have such an amazing car.

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