The Magical McLaren F1

McLaren F1 Interior

The McLaren F1 has an unusual interior with it being a 3 seater. The driver sits in the centre of the cockpit and there are two passenger seats that are at either side offset towards the rear. The controls are all analogue as the car was produced in the 1990’s so there is little in the way of digital displays.

McLaren F1 Interior

McLaren F1 Price

When the McLaren F1 was released in 1992 the car was priced at USD$1,000,000 and the production run of 106 all sold quickly. In 2013 one car was sold at auction for USD$8.75 million.

McLaren F1 Racing

McLaren F1 Celebrity Owners

With only 106 cars produced there are only a few famous owners of the McLaren F1. Owners include actor Rowan Atkinson, musician Nick Mason and talk show host Jay Leno.

McLaren F1 Doors

When the McLaren F1 was released in 1992 it reset the bar for what a super car should be. It was the fastest production car in the world for many years and still looks like it was designed just yesterday. All of these things make it one of the most sought after cars in the world.

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