Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron Exterior

The Bugatti Chiron sports a new carbon fiber monocoque with a carbon-fiber rear subframe. This enables it to be around 8 kilos lighter compared to its predecessor, the Veyron.

Bugatti Chiron Exterior
Bugatti Chiron Exterior

Unlike the Veyron which has a rounded rump, the Chiron has a sharply truncated rear end. There’s a unique single light bar that divides a swath of mesh.

It has quad LED headlights that double as intakes. These funnel air towards the front brakes.

The Chiron also has a sweeping, C-shaped curve that defines its profile. This “Bugatti” line is reminiscent of classic models like the Type 57.

Bugatti Chiron Interior

As you would expect from a Bugatti car, the Chiron has a very awe-inspiring interior. There’s no hint of plastic inside. Every surface is made of either carbon fiber or aluminum. The instrument cluster is also very simple with a modern touch.

Bugatti Chiron Interior
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The steering wheel has blue buttons, something that wasn’t featured on the Veyron. The seats are also very comfortable as you would expect from a supercar. It also comes with premium, state of the art sound system.

Bugatti Chiron Price

So how much would you have to shell out to own what will soon be the fastest car on the face of the planet?

Bugatti Chiron Price
Bugatti Chiron Price

As of March this year, pricing for the Chiron is around 2.4 million Euros, which can be converted to around $2.6 million. Up to this day, there are no specific pricing for the US market.

There will only be 500 units of Bugatti Chiron to be produced, which are 50 more than its predecessor. Also, more than 200 units have been reserved. Let’s just say that people who have reserved for one are really lucky.

Indeed, the Bugatti Chiron has set the bar as far as supercars are concerned.

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