Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Driver’s Training

As mentioned earlier, those who were lucky enough to buy an Aston Martin Vulcan have to go through a three-day training program to learn how to drive this supercar.

During the three-day course, owners will have full access to the circuit day and night. They will be trained to drive their multi-million dollar vehicle in a variety of driving conditions.

Red Vulcan
Red Vulcan

In a recent development, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer confirmed news reports that the company is working to make the track-only Vulcan legal for use in the streets. In a report of Autocar UK, Palmer confirmed that a British engineering firm is working on a road conversion kit so that the $3 million cars would be legal to drive on the road.

While the powertrain won’t be altered, the ratios will likely be changed to suit road driving. The clutch pack may also be adjusted to improve the road worthiness of the Vulcan. A raised ride height will also go along with narrower front wheels to give it a better turning circle.

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